E.526 : dimensioning a circuit group with multi-slot bearer

Especially at the early stage of NR deployment, it is highly likely that NR is deployed as a supplimentary note i. In this case, there are several different ways to constuct a bearer as These three bearer types are depicted in Figure 4. In this page, I will explain only on a specfic type of bearer mentioned above called 'Split Bearer' since it may be a kind of confusing concept. Which Bearer? Which Split? The term 'SplitBearer' can be confusing because the two keywords 'Bearer' and 'Split' would be confusing terms.

Do let's clarify on these two keywords first. First, let's think of what kind of Bearer are defined. In case of LTE, roughly several different types of Bearer are defined as shown below I would not describe any detailed on each of these bearers here. Just as a conclusion, when we say 'SplitBearer', the Bearer in this case is more related to the last one. More accurate location of bearer split will be explained later. In short, when we say SplitBearer. The bearer would mean 'Radio Beaer'.

Technically you can split the radio bearer at various different way as indicated by dotted lines as shown below.

The split indicated by Blue dotted lines are called 'Separation'. SplitBearer Usecase in deployment scenario. SplitBearer is only an option among many different options for these deployment scenario. Exact Point of Split in Radio Bearer. Now let's look more in details on what's happening inside the radio bearer with split bearer. Following is the illustration highlighting the data path of splitbearer based on Following through the solid red arrows and lines, you would read out followings :.

Now getting further into details, let's think of exactly at which point within PDCP the split happens. According to For split bearers, routing is performed in the transmitting PDCP entity. For now, you may get a little bit more detailed idea from LTE specification described in Based on this, the point of the bearer split within PDCP can be highlighted as shown below.

A couple of weeks ago I had a chat with my friend about this splitbearer and there was a question that I couldn't answer clearly at the moment. Putting it in simple way, the question was what would happen when SplitBearer was supported in downlink only and not supported in Uplink. As of now, I haven't confirmed on 3GPP specification whether only one directional SplitBearer downlink only or Uplink only is supported or not, but I think we can think of this case at least conceptually.

However, putting some more thought on this, I realized that there wouldn't be such a confusion. There was a situation brought up. But come to think of it, it doesn't seem to be right. RRC Parameters. Other values identify secondary cell groups.In telecommunicationsBearer Service or data service is a service that allows transmission of information signals between network interfaces. These services give the subscriber the capacity required to transmit appropriate signals between certain access points, i.

Bearer services permit transparent and non-transparent, synchronous or asynchronous data transmission. Transparent bearer services only use the functions of the physical layer layer 1 to transmit data. Data transmission has a constant delay and throughput if no transmission errors occur. The only mechanism to increase transmission quality is the use of forward error correction FECwhich codes redundancy into the data stream and helps to reconstruct the original data in case of transmission errors.

Depending on the FEC, data rates of 2. Transparent bearer services do not try to recover lost data in case of, for example, shadowing or interruptions due to handover. Non-transparent bearer services use protocols of layers two and three to implement error correction and flow control. These services use the transparent bearer services, adding a radio link protocol RLP. This protocol comprises mechanisms of high-level data link control HDLCHalsall, and special selective-reject mechanisms to trigger retransmission of erroneous data.

The achieved bit error rate is less than 10—7, but now throughput and delay may vary depending on transmission quality. Data transmission can be full-duplex, synchronous with data rates of 1. Clearly, these relatively low data rates reflect the assumption that data services will only constitute some small percentage of the overall traffic. While this is still true of GSM networks today, the relation of data and voice services is changing, with data becoming more and more important.

This development is also reflected in the new data services. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC)

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Search Telecom Hub in Google to find us any were. Thursday, 22 September Abdul September 22, 1 Comments. These types of problems can be quite challenging, because they can go undetected until customers start to complain.

And then they take on a new level of challenge as they are assigned to you or your support teams to troubleshoot. This is a case study of a mobile carrier that experienced dropped call complaints for seven months. The RF engineers assigned to the problem were highly skilled, but were not armed with the proper tools to effectively troubleshoot. Tekcomms was enlisted to assist in finding the root causes. This article describes the methodology and tools used troubleshoot the problem.

The are many ways to discover a problem ranging from customer complaints, to analyzing key performance indicators, to testing. Finding the source of an issue is the real artwork.

The radio environment is an extremely complex ecosystem. The right set of monitoring and troubleshooting tools, coupled with RF Engineering expertise, will take you beyond the symptoms to the source of the problem. Even though the tools are smart and can draw geographical, pictoral and tabular views of network conditions, RF engineering expertise is frequently needed to arrive at the root cause.

Tools coupled with RF expertise will help you negotiate these paths. We found that CS and PS calls were dropping at an abnormally high rate, so we filtered the data to isolate the problem. Next we drilled down into the multi-RAB calls themselves.The actual bearer transport used is transparent to the BICC signaling protocol - BICC has no knowledge of the specific bearer technology, which is referenced in the binding information.

You forgot to provide an Email Address. This email address is already registered. Please login. You have exceeded the maximum character limit. Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address. Please check the box if you want to proceed. The BICC deployment architecture comprises a server, proxy, and a media gateway to support the current services over networks based on circuit-switchedATM, and Internet Protocol IP technologies, including third-generation wireless.

According to ITU spokesman Yukio Hiramatsu, the completion of the BICC protocols is an historic step toward broadband multimedia networks, because it will enable the seamless migration of circuit-switched TDM networks to high-capacity broadband multimedia networks.

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Reaching prospects and converting them into clients is a process involving some trial and error. Here's advice on finding the Content Continues Below.

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Login Forgot your password? Forgot your password?A bearer instrument is a document that entitles the holder of the document rights of ownership or title to the underlying propertysuch as shares or bonds. Unlike normal registered instrumentsno record is kept of who owns bearer instruments or of transactions involving transfer of ownership, enabling the owner, as well as a purchaser, to deal with the property anonymously. Whoever physically holds the bearer document is assumed to be the owner of the property, and the rights arising therefrom, such as dividends.

Bearer instruments are used especially by investors and corporate officers who wish to retain anonymity.

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The OECD in a report concluded that the use of bearer shares is "perhaps the single most important and perhaps the most widely used mechanism" to protect the anonymity of a ship's beneficial owner.

However, ownership or legal entitlement is extremely difficult to establish in event of loss or theft. In general, the legal situs of the property is where the instrument is located. Bearer instruments can be used in certain jurisdictions to avoid transfer taxesalthough taxes may be charged when bearer instruments are issued. In the United States, under the Uniform Commercial Codea negotiable instrument such as a check or promissory note that is payable to the order of "bearer" or "cash" may be enforced i.

The payee i. In practice, however, many merchants and financial institutions will not pay a check presented for payment by anyone other than the named payee.

Bearer instrument

Bearer shares are banned in some countries, because of their potential for abuse, such as tax evasion[2] movement of funds, and money laundering. The first bearer securities in almost all countries were banknotes.

Later, due to the monopolization of banknote issue by one or several banks usually government onesthe form of bearer securities began to accept short-term bank loan obligations certificates, vouchers, tickets and long-term borrowing obligations of banks and corporations bonds. With the development of the joint-stock form of enterprises in the form of bearer securities, shares were also issued.

Historically, the first appeared registered shares, and much later there were shares of the bearer. Their appearance was associated with the development of the stock exchange.

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The emergence of the first joint-stock companies can be attributed to the beginning of the 17th century: the famous English East India Company in and the Dutch East India Company in The shares of these companies were originally registered. The first bearer shares appeared with the establishment of John Law in France in By royal decree John Law was granted the right to establish a joint-stock bank with a fixed capital of 6 million francs, divided into 1, shares of 5, francs each with the right to issue banknotes.

In AugustLaw established a new joint stock company, Mississippi, with a fixed capital of million, divided intoshares to colonize the countries lying along the banks of the Mississippi River.

Shares of the bank, and of the company were bearer. Facilities associated with the bearer form of shares ease of transfer, circulation on the exchange, proof of ownership were evaluated and widely applied in joint-stock companies. But along with these advantages, the drawbacks of using these securities have also come to light: for example, their use in the exchange game. In the joint-stock establishments of John Law, these disadvantages of bearer shares were discovered quite soon.

The stock market fever gripped a huge number of people, and after a while it ended in failure: the owners of shares, who for a few days considered themselves big capitalists, were left with nothing, holding worthless papers in their hands. Despite the first unfortunate experience, this form of participation in the joint-stock company as the acquisition of certificates of bearer shares has become quite widespread in Europe.

Today there is an opinion that bearer shares are some kind of invention of offshore financial centers for the purpose of hiding information about the real owner of the company.

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However, this tool with more or less success has been functioning for more than one century. Bearer shares are called securities, an anonymous holder of which is recognized from the legal point of view as a full-fledged shareholder of the company with all relevant rights. This document does not contain any indication of the name and name of the owner.

The rights certified by the bearer act are actually owned by the owner of this document. The owner of the bearer certificate is considered the owner of shares certified by a certificate.Last post Jul 31, PM by mgebhard. I am developing API using.

I wanted to understand about the Basic Authentication as well as Jwt Authentication.

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My questions are :. Please send me documentation, examples, github code, etc. Sorry for my questions if you find it silly because i am too much confuse here. Yes,you can. Yes,it is. And you could select the scheme with the Authorize attribute to specify the controller. Thank you for your reply. It is showing following error :. AuthenticationBuilder is still available in.

I did not able to find official document on Microsoft website regarding. It says :. NET Core Security for a good reason. While that doesn't stop us needing such implementation for testing, this is not advised for production systems due to the many pitfalls and insecurities. It means Basic Authentication is completed pulled out from. What do you say? Jul 31, PM bruce sqlwork.

You'll add both authentication schemes to your startup.

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Then specify the authentication scheme in the [Authorize] attribute. Keep in mind that you can only have one default scheme.

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